Business Checking Overview

With Nota’s Business Checking Management, all money in and out of your account can be assigned to a category and tracked.
  • Expense tagging
  • Check register
  • Check printing

Follow these easy steps to use Nota’s checking functionality:
  • Have an M&T Simple Checking for Business or other eligible checking account
  • Ensure your checking account is enrolled in your M&T Web Banking for Business Profile

Don’t have an M&T business checking account? 
Click here to provide information for our team to help you open your account.

Expense Tagging
  • Set up custom categories to track income and expense items like payroll, rent, court fees and client payments. All money in and out of your account can be tagged to a category for easy tracking.
Here is an example of the business checking dashboard: 
  • Similar to Nota trust, this is where you can tag transactions to categories

Here is an example of what the categories look like:
Here is an example of what the category report looks like:

Check Register
  • Log outstanding checks in a digital check register

Check Printing

Please reach out to Customer Success at 1-800-724-1313 option 2 or at for assistance with this feature.

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