Clio Integration

If you are a Clio Manage user, you can set up an integration to link Clio Manage to Nota. Linking gives you the ability to select and import Clio client matters which saves time and eliminates double entry.

  • New Nota users 
    • Set up your Clio integration before creating any matters in Nota 
    • All OPEN matters in Clio will be available to import into Nota
  • Existing Nota users 
    • Set up Clio integration to import any new matters that have been created in Clio after the date you integrate
    • If you already manually created Clio matters in Nota, follow the steps as shown in the “How to select matters for Ignore” section of this guide. The ignored matters will be moved to the Ignored tab. If you import a duplicate matter, you can simply delete it.

User Access
  • Only Admin/Co-Admin users can enroll in Clio integration
  • General users can view the Clio matter importer after the integration is complete

Setting up your Clio integration
  • From the Navigation Panel of the IOLTA, select “Integrations”, then “Clio”
  • When the following screen appears - click “Link Clio”

  • You will then be redirected to Clio Manage to sign in
  • After signing into Clio, a message will appear providing you the option of giving Nota access to your Clio account - click “Allow”
  • Once you allow access, you will be returned to the Nota application and brought to the “Clio Matter Importer” 
  • You will see a pop-up message confirming integration 

Overview of Nota Clio Matter Importer screen

  • The Clio Matter Importer screen shows any open Clio matters. This is where you will go through each matter and decide whether to “import” (move to your dashboard) or “ignore” (leave off of your dashboard).
    • Matters selected for “import” will then move to the Imported tab
    • Matters selected for “ignore” will then move to the Ignored tab and will not show on your dashboard
    • A Clio matter will be pulled into Nota only once
    • Clio Matter Importer updates nightly

How to select matters for “Import” or “Ignore”
  • On the Clio Matters tab, use the checkboxes next to each matter and click the appropriate button
    • Import will bring in the client name and matter name, then display on the Nota dashboard with an “Imported from Clio” symbol
    • Ignore will move the matter from the Clio Matters tab to the Ignored tab and the matter will be available to import at another time

If you ignore any Clio Matters they will move to the ignore tab and will be available to import at another time. 
  • Note: If you choose not to import or ignore a matter, it will remain on the Clio Matter Importer screen under the Clio Matters tab. 
  • Best practice: Making a selection for all matters will help you recognize the new ones as they come in.

Steps to import matters
  • Once you select the matter for import, click “Import” button to begin importing 
    • The screen below will display:

The imported matter will now display on your dashboard with an indicator identifying the matter as imported from Clio as seen below:
The imported Clio matter will also display in the Imported tab as seen below:

Please reach out to Customer Success at 1(800)724-1313 or at for assistance with this feature.

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