Client Matter .CSV Import

Importing Multiple Client Matters in Nota

You can import Client Matters to Nota using the Import client matter button on the Nota dashboard.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Nota will allow for the importing of a .csv file. Please make sure your file is set up as per the below:
    1. Cell A1 should contain “Client Matter”
    2. Cell B1 should contain “Matter ID
    3. Column A (Client Matter) should contain the Client Name (e.g. Last First)
    4. Column B should contain a Matter ID. Matter ID needs to contain at least 1 alpha character

    e. Do not assign funds to client matters on this file, you will be able to do that within the application

    f. Save the file as .csv.

*In excel click File, Save as, Enter a file name and use the drop down to save as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)(*.csv)

*In numbers click File, Export To, CSV, do not include table names, click Next, then click Export

2.  Click on Import Client Matter 

3.  Click Choose file, select your file 

4.  If no errors are found click Import Data

Congratulations! Your Nota screen will refresh and you can view your newly imported client matters under Client Matters section.

If your file has errors you will be notified in red within the importer window. You will need to correct the file and import again.

Common Errors

  1. The file is not in the correct format, please see above for saving a file as .csv
  2. If you have duplicate Client Matters within the file you will be notified in the window in YELLOW, Nota will allow you to enter 1 Client Matter with the same Matter ID. Nota will only import 1 of the records.
  3. Matter ID field needs to contain at least 1 alpha character 
  4. There are extra columns in the file
  5. The Client Matter (A1) and Matter ID (B1) fields are not correctly labeled

Please reach out to Customer Success at 917-960-8057 or at for assistance with this feature

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