QuickBooks Online Integration

Integrate Nota with your QuickBooks Online account to:

1. Automatically sync your Client Ledger Balance from Nota with QuickBooks Online, nightly.

2. Send details of checks written out of your IOLA/IOLTA in QuickBooks Online to Nota. 

  1. Nota will send the current Client ledger balance which will appear in the Chart of Accounts as a Trust Liability account.

In order to ensure your Nota Client ledger balance is accurate please make sure you do the following:

  • Assign all initial onboarding funds to Client Matters
  • Tag all transactions to Client Matters as soon as they display in Nota
  • Accurately log outstanding checks written against your Iola/Iolta

*Please be advised- Do not make edits to the Trust Liability and Equity accounts in QuickBooks Online. Doing so will interrupt the connection to Nota.

 2. Nota will automatically log printed checks from your QuickBooks Online account

  • When you link you M&T IOLA/IOLTA account Nota will import printed checks and log them as outstanding checks in Nota

You are able to Disconnect your QuickBooks Online account from Nota. Please note this will not delete the Nota-managed Trust Liability account and offsetting Asset accounts in your QuickBooks Online Company. To delete these accounts from QuickBooks Online please refer to settings in QuickBooks Online.

Please reach out to Customer Success at 1(800)724-1313 or at support@trustnota.com for assistance with this feature

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References to “IOLTA” or “Interest on Lawyers Trust Account” shall be interpreted to include “IOLA,” or “Interest on Lawyer Account,” and “IOTA,” or “Interest on Trust Account,” as applicable in a particular state.

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